Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Shoes

I was browsing some of my favorite websites tonight, and I came upon these beauties on the Anthropologie website. 
They make me think of Jane Eyre and some other romantic lovelies, and I can only dream to one day actually own a pair. 
But for now I will just dream and share with you, of course.

Akomeogi Peep-Toes

I think the Chain Link Boots are my favorite. I'm already putting together outfits in my head that would be perfect with them.
Hopefully you found something you liked and are actually able to afford them at the moment. Four new tires on my car took away any hope at shopping any time soon. Sigh.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy (I promise) Galaxy Nail Art

Every get in the mood to do something completely crazy with your nails? 
Well I just found (via the wonderful BellaSugar & Youtube) an awesome new type of nail design.
Introducing: Galaxy Nail Art!!

The best part about this is that it seriously is easy. Like, REALLY easy. 
I think it is one of those things where if you mess up, it might even look better...
All you need is a makeup sponge,a toothpick, and a variety of nail colors. Check out the video below for an awesome tutorial. 

This super fun nail art would definitely make Carl Sagan proud.
Good luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Urban Decay Sale

For all my fellow makeup lovers out there, I have some GREAT news. Urban Decay is re-vamping their design and bringing in lots of new products, so in order to make room for all of their new stuff they are putting everything else on a major discount! 
Major as in $1 eyeshadow major. Oh happy day!

These loose pigments are only $1.00 down from $20.00

Or what about these? Liquid Liner for only $7.00 down from $18.00.
One of Urban Decay's best sellers, The Vegan Palette, is on sale now also. I think this is the one I'm going to pick up. Lots of great neutrals plus some greens and blues when you want that extra kick.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Essie Polish Of the Moment

Introducing: Essie "Rose Bowl"

What it is: A blushing and creamy pinkish red color

I love this color. 
It is being featured at Target right now with a few other new "Only at Target" colors.
When I saw the name of this color, I almost passed out. Rose Bowl? 
THE Rose Bowl? It was part of my childhood!
So of course I couldn't help myself when I saw this color. It needed to be mine, STAT.

And I am enjoying every little moment of it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What if your favorite classic was turned into a clutch?

Well, it has been. Thanks to Kate Spade (my personal weakness) many classic novels have been turned into the most amazing clutches. Even though they are pretty expensive, it wouldn't hurt to ask for one for Christmas right? 
Here are the clutches they offer in all their amazingly shiny glory:

The Emma Clutch

Romeo & Juliet Clutch
Great Expectations Clutch
and the inside of the clutch...
STRIPES! To die for!

The store offers a few more, and they have a brand new Tale of Two Cities Clutch that they just released this week in honor of their color of the month series. I think the shiny blue wins me over on that one.

So go head over to the Kate Spade online world today and find the clutch that makes you squeak with happiness!

Simply Stripes

If there is any word that could sum up summer 2011's style, it would be stripes. If worn right, stripes can be sassy, classy, and oh-so much fun. 
(Whenever I have an excuse to use the word sassy I just have to use it, so don't mind me.)

Here are some adorable and different ways that you can add stripes to your wardrobe.

Above image: The best part about this outfit is that almost everyone already has these items in their closet. Maybe you can just go splurge on a new pair of shoes though. It's a good excuse, right? 

Above: This is my personal go-to fave. A striped shirt, jeans and brown sandals. 
You really can't go wrong with it.

Above: Yellow + Stripes = WONDERFUL.
It's a perfect summery concoction of colors.

Above: These striped shoe lovelies can be purchased at Marshalls! They have a few different colors too.

And this beauty? It's from Ann Taylor. Talk about the perfect summer tote.

Hopefully some of these pictures helped give you a few tips on how to incorporate some stripes into your daily life.