Thursday, August 4, 2011

What if your favorite classic was turned into a clutch?

Well, it has been. Thanks to Kate Spade (my personal weakness) many classic novels have been turned into the most amazing clutches. Even though they are pretty expensive, it wouldn't hurt to ask for one for Christmas right? 
Here are the clutches they offer in all their amazingly shiny glory:

The Emma Clutch

Romeo & Juliet Clutch
Great Expectations Clutch
and the inside of the clutch...
STRIPES! To die for!

The store offers a few more, and they have a brand new Tale of Two Cities Clutch that they just released this week in honor of their color of the month series. I think the shiny blue wins me over on that one.

So go head over to the Kate Spade online world today and find the clutch that makes you squeak with happiness!

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