Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simply Stripes

If there is any word that could sum up summer 2011's style, it would be stripes. If worn right, stripes can be sassy, classy, and oh-so much fun. 
(Whenever I have an excuse to use the word sassy I just have to use it, so don't mind me.)

Here are some adorable and different ways that you can add stripes to your wardrobe.

Above image: The best part about this outfit is that almost everyone already has these items in their closet. Maybe you can just go splurge on a new pair of shoes though. It's a good excuse, right? 

Above: This is my personal go-to fave. A striped shirt, jeans and brown sandals. 
You really can't go wrong with it.

Above: Yellow + Stripes = WONDERFUL.
It's a perfect summery concoction of colors.

Above: These striped shoe lovelies can be purchased at Marshalls! They have a few different colors too.

And this beauty? It's from Ann Taylor. Talk about the perfect summer tote.

Hopefully some of these pictures helped give you a few tips on how to incorporate some stripes into your daily life.

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