Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have the most wonderful thing on earth to share with you all. If you haven't already heard of Birchbox, then you have been missing out. No worries though, because now you will know all about it.

 So what exactly is Birchbox? Birchbox is a company that is dedicated to finding cosmetics and skin care products that are either new and upcoming brands or simple staples that are tried and true. Every month they send out a box (your own personal Birchbox) that is filled with fun beauty-centric pieces. As their website says, "deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door monthly."

How do you get Birchbox?  It is SO easy. All you need to do is go to their website here and sign up! The "little catch" is that it is $10 a month, but seriously, $10 a month is nothing. I don't even want to know how much I spend on a weekly basis at Target on useless makeup products that I don't even end up wearing, so I feel like this is something special that I can look forward to. Plus, now when I go out shopping I tell myself to just wait for my little monthly Birchbox and I will get all of my little fun cosmetics inside that. So maybe it is helping me save money? (Okay probably not, but we'll just pretend it is)

You might be thinking "Well what if they send me things I'll never use? I'm not into all these hip bright colors and weird new inventions for lashes." The cool thing about Birchbox is when you are signing up they have you fill out a questionnaire that basically sums up your beauty routine: "Are you more interested in hair products? Do you like up and coming trends, or are you a basics girl?" Those are some examples of the questions they ask you in order to figure out what is best to send you every month.

My wonderful friend Katie over at Simply Said by Simple Me did a blog post about Birchbox and I knew I had to try it. If I didn't like it, I could always cancel my membership whenever I wanted; however, this month I received my first box and it was seriously better than I thought it would be.

Here are some fun pictures of my September box!

The box!
Here is a list of what I was sent in the box.

The inside. It looked a bit more organized and cute before I attacked it, promise.

Awesome silver glitter nail adhesives.
Mascara and Lash Cards (you put them behind your lashes while applying mascara)

This month was their year anniversary, so they sent out cute bracelets.
Jouer Lip Conditioner. I'm already wearing this and in love, my lips are so soft and happy!  

This smells great: a combo of fresh citrus and jasmine over a base of lavender and pumpkin.
So there you have it, my first Birchbox experience. I'm so happy with it and I highly recommend it to anyone: and really only $10 a month equals two days worth of lattes, how can you say no to that?

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