Friday, September 9, 2011

Essie Polish Of the Moment #2

When I was in Arizona last week, I went into ULTA and saw an awesome display of blues that seem to be the "go-to" color for September. The blues on display were so gorgeous I couldn't help myself, so I had to get one of something. I knew I didn't want something too dark because there is still that hint of summer in the air, and I honestly just wasn't ready for those bold, black nails. Plus, I really just wasn't ready to try my hand with blue eyeshadow, so nail polish it was.

Introducing: Essie in Mezmerised 

I feel like this blue is just right. It isn't too dark, and it isn't too light of a blue. It is that perfect transition blue to go from summer to fall.
I'm in love :)

Hope you like it!!

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