Thursday, February 9, 2012

Introducing: That Strikes My Fancy!

Hey everyone! Oh boy, do I have some fun news for you all or what. One of my great friends, she was even my maid of honor (I just adore her), has just launched a fantastic blog named That Strikes My Fancy!

I have been lucky enough to be called one of the "fancy gals" who gets to write for the blog, and if you would be fantastic and go have a look-see, please head on over!

My first feature was for a super cute and chic way to do your nails for Valentine's Day.
Here is even a little teaser...

Now go head on over to That Strikes My Fancy to go see how to put together this cute look! 
I hope you guys enjoy the site. It truly is fantastic and I'm so proud of my friend for publishing such a amazing product.

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