Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

Everyone who knows me knows that I rave about this product. I always carry four of them in my purse at all times, and people are asking me, "Why do you need so many of those?" It's because almost every color in this collection is SO wearable for every day occasions. Some have more pigments than others, but they all feel super moisturizing and aren't too overwhelming for daily wear. 

I wanted to share with you some of the ones I own and love, and hopefully it convinces some of you to go out and grab one (or three) to try out for yourselves. 

One of my favorites is Candy Apple! I did a post about it a week ago and already have two friends that have gone out and purchased it, constantly raving about it. It's a sheer red that can be layered for more intensity, yet it is a perfect moisturizing and shiny color that can look good on anyone. 
Berry Smoothie is one of my go to everyday colors. It is a pink-mauve color that has some shimmer in it for added shine. It seems a bit thicker than some of the others when you apply it, which is good because you only need to apply a little bit of it. 

Raspberry Pie is a really fun color! It is one of the more pigmented colored in the collections. It is a raspberry, pink pigment with no shimmer that would be great for an evening out.
Peach Parfait is my ultimate favorite from the collection! It is a shimmery,  peachy- pink that reminds me of a gloss, but goes on like a chapstick. I swear, there really is no way to describe this product accurately because it's like the perfect mixture of all lipsticks, glosses and chapsticks.

Brown Sugar is a shimmery golden tan color. Although it's not the greatest color for my fair skin, I think this could look gorgeous on darker skin ladies.

Candy Apple, Raspberry Pie, Berry Smoothie, Peach Parfait, Brown Sugar

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  1. O, I think I need Brown Sugar or Peach Parfait..we will have to get them when I come out:)